Blen Pangilinan

POSTED ON 2nd November 2016

Blen - thumbnailBlen joined Marketing Angels as Marketing Assistant in 2013. Blen is instrumental in turning strategy into action by supporting our consultants with daily implementation of client marketing plans.

Blen specialises in content and social media management, email marketing, web site management, campaign tracking and reporting, and market research.

Prior to joining Marketing Angels, Blen gained 10 years of experience from a mobile applications developer and content provider in Philippines. Blen has also worked as a production assistant/reporter for a locally-based Japanese cable channel and written for a local travel magazine and other websites on various topics.

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“Fiona is doing a great job. She works hard and has a good understanding of what my business about.

What I appreciate most is that she is proactive… She thinks of things I don’t and often suggests ways she can help, without me asking. Actually I wouldn’t think of the things she offers to do. I am confident that she acts in the best interests of my business. I am delighted with the marketing service and advice she is providing.”