Vergola NSW approached Marketing Angels with a very clear objective , to reduce their advertising spend and increase their net profit. 


Stage 1 – Research

Marketing Angels conducted research with existing customers and staff to identify:

  • The key attributes of the Vergola NSW service and product as perceived by the various market segments
  • Their points of difference to competitors
  • Perceptions of the business and the quality of the service provided
  • Motivators and drivers to use the business.

An analysis of competitor offerings was also conducted to determine:

  • What products and services their competitors were offering
  • How they were positioning themselves

Stage 2, Brand & Positioning

Marketing Angels then spent a day with the Vergola NSW management team reviewing the results of the research and focussing on the brand and positioning of Vergola NSW.

It was established that the brand needed freshening and a positioning statement developed.

Stage 3, Strategy Development

Once the brand and positioning strategy was established Marketing Angels developed a strategic and tactical marketing plan focussed on achieving Vergola NSW’s objective to reduce marketing spend and increase net profit.

Stage 4, Implementation

  1. Re-branding– the first step in the implementation phase was to develop the new logo and corporate ID. Based on the brand pyramid that was developed as part of the Brand & Positioning Workshop, Marketing Angels was able to develop a comprehensive creative brief that included the essential elements required by the design agency.

Figure 1: Previous logo


Figure 2: New logo


Once the new corporate ID was established, Marketing Angels briefed a media agency to review the previous advertising spend and develop a new media proposal. The media brief was based on the research insights and the work completed on defining and characterising the target markets as part of the brand and positioning workshop.

The research insights and clearly defined target markets were essential to develop an effective media buying strategy

Creative Campaign

Having established a new media strategy designed to improve lead generation and reduce the advertising spend, a creative advertising campaign was then required. Marketing Angels prepared another creative brief focussing on the key messages and themes established in the Brand and Positioning Workshop.

Figure 3: Advertisement from a Marketing Angels campaign concept


Public Relations

The main aims of the Vergola PR campaign were to gain maximum media exposure in NSW via print and online coverage in the target markets, build brand awareness and complement the marketing strategy.

By increasing editorial coverage, Vergola NSW is better placed to reduce its advertising spend and increase net profits.

Marketing Angels developed a series of news stories to promote Vergola NSW and its products. A number of news angles were developed to promote the key product messages.

The PR strategy included developing case studies/testimonials that could be used to help further promote Vergola. Quotes/comments were sought from Vergola clients (past & present) and prominent Sydney real estate agents promoting Vergola as a major “asset” for homeowners.

An online PR campaign was also launched with a focus on the target markets.

Other Tactics

A range of other tactics were implemented over the first 12 months including the development of sales materials, updating industry directories, reviewing and re-creating many documents including things like warranty cards, user guides, a promotional DVD.

More recently a Search Engine Marketing Campaign has been established and a focus is now on building a more relevant and content rich website to maximise organic search results. 


The shift in marketing direction over the past 12 months has been deliberately measured, as it was important to ensure that the company did not grow too quickly and outgrow its capacity to deliver quality workmanship and service.

Marketing Angels commenced work for Vergola in early 2009. Sales in the 2009-2010 period increased 24% above the 2008-2009 figures. The company also experienced a massive 150% increase in net profit.


“I have been very happy with results of the marketing campaign to date. We have seen a steady increase in enquiries over the last 12 months which is pretty incredible considering the economic climate during that period.

Marketing Angels have provided excellent service. I have the confidence knowing that I am working with marketing professionals who know their stuff. I can rely on their judgement. We have a great working relationship, and I feel very satisfied.”

Peter Rust – General Manager, Vergola NSW

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