PHO24 approached Marketing Angels 3 weeks before their planned grand opening as they wanted help to attract as many people as possible to their grand opening day to showcase their Vietnamese Pho concept restaurant in the city of Melbourne. PHO24 wanted to leverage the impact of their opening offer by capturing the contact details of those who attended in order to communicate with them on an ongoing basis to share news of offers and upcoming events.


Marketing Angels recommended running a targeted Facebook promotional campaign directed at the Melbourne metropolitan area.

A countdown campaign was implemented starting from 10 days down to 1. The theme that was chosen was “PHOrmaggedon is coming.” Marketing Angels designed new creative for each day that had a strong message to encourage people to come to the open day and to register on the website. The objective was to build awareness for PHO24, get people interacting with the campaign, attract new fans to the facebook page as well as drive viewers to the website to register to the PHO24 database.


The Grand Open Day was a huge success with over 1200 people coming to the restaurant (between 10 am to 4.30pm). Not only did the campaign deliver with footfall on the Grand Opening Day, Marketing Angels also recorded the following statistics for PHO24:

350,000 people viewed the campaign
545 Facebook page likes (doubled from 255)
8,000 clicks on the campaign
4,000 comments, likes and shares of the campaign
In addition to the above, Marketing Angels recorded:
1600 visits per day to the PHO24 website during the final days of the campaign
817 subscriptions to the website database


“We were delighted with the results that Marketing Angels achieved for our grand open day. In a short timeframe they came up with a Facebook campaign that was quick to implement, easy to measure and effective”

Craig Birchall – Director, PHO24


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