Optimum Life

Optimum Life

The Challenge

In 2012, Rob Harris came to Marketing Angels with an idea for nutritional supplements as a start up business in Sydney. This brand identity would need to be developed from scratch, including the visual logo, brand foundation, product range packaging, and delivery to launch.

The Process

Senior consultant Katrina Flynn held a brand workshop with Rob Harris, which identified their position in a crowded market in order to establish where Optimum Life could best stand out. Katrina then worked with her design team in order to develop the corporate identity in the form of the logo and collateral, which would carry through to the look and feel of the brand and the packaging.


Katrina developed a marketing strategy that focused on the best route to market for Optimum Life. With the target audience being fitness consumers & health conscious females, the best route to market would be via the fitness industry. Katrina identified potential distributors, seeking those that had a synergistic fit of healthy brand values with Optimum Life, and developed a high end sales distribution pack that was sent to potential distributors.

In order to prepare for launch, Katrina worked to build an online community on Facebook. Through a combination of optimisation, strategic posting and a Facebook advertising campaign, Optimum Life was able to gain 3500 Facebook fans in 4 weeks.

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Katrina also assisted Optimum Life by project managing the website, creating a website plan, writing the copy, and finally by working with the design team to create the website.

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The Results

Optimum Life launched in 2013 at the Sydney Fitness Expo. From the expo they were able to sell $1000 in products, gained 250 newsletter sign-ups and were approached for a potential distribution opportunity in Brazil. Now, Optimum Life is about to secure its first Australian distributor and is looking for more international opportunities.

Moving forward, Marketing Angels will continue to offer Optimum Life strategic advisory, PR and online marketing assistance on an ongoing basis.

What the Client Says

I looked around at different marketing agencies because I was just at the beginning of my journey to launching Optimum Life. I knew that if I wanted to be a serious contender in the market place I had to hire a marketing team.I found Marketing Angels because they happen to have an office that was local to me. From the very first phone conversation, I found them to be professional and prompted.

I had a meeting arranged with my now marketing consultant Katrina Flynn. The consult went great; I can honestly say that from the very first meeting I knew she was the right consultant for me. I sat there with thoughts in my head of how I want the business to go and I found that Katrina was answering many of my thoughts without me even saying anything. That felt good to know that someone shared the same vision for my brand than me.

I have found Katrina to be very professional at all times and totally engaged in the Optimum Life brand.What’s great about Katrina is that she can be very straight on how things need to be done and she does get things done! I can be a bit laid back at times so for me I find this works well. It’s nice to work with someone that has good knowledge for the industry that I need help with and has the time and know how on how to make your dream for a brand come alive.

I’m looking forward to continue working with Katrina on the brands campaigns, my only wish now, would be that I could afford to pay for them to work for Optimum Life full time!!

Rob Harris – Founder, Optimum Life


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“By taking part in the half day workshop, we got to understand that our brand needed a refresh to maintain relevance with our target markets”