EMS Group Pty Ltd (EMS)

EMS Group Pty Ltd (EMS)


EMS Group Pty Ltd (EMS) is a privately owned business based in Dubbo. Since its start in 2010, EMS had expanded services from its core workshop repairs business as new business opportunities were identified.

EMS approached Marketing Angels for assistance with working out how to brand their core offering and to determine what direction needed to be taken in order to segment the different business divisions.  A comprehensive marketing strategy was developed to assist EMS with branding and marketing each division to shape their market positioning and key marketing messages.


Marketing Angels conducted a research process that provided clarity on their strategic business initiatives. After evaluating EMS’s strategic brand opportunities, Marketing Angels created a brand based on their competencies, unique offerings and personality attributes and helped EMS to determine its overall business structure and how each division relates to the parent brand (EMS) and are differentiated from one another.

After clarifying the brand position, Marketing Angels also created a new identity, tagline and comprehensive brand expression to help communicate the brand and grab the attention and interest of its target audience.


  • New brand creative developed brought to life by showcasing their strengths with an effective positioning statement and sub brand statements
  • Empowered partnership with stakeholders, employees and communities.
  • Differentiated value proposition
  • Breakthrough creative image and messaging



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“With an overall increase of 24% in sales from the previous year, it doesn’t take a scientest to work out that the advertising Marketing Angels managed, worked for us”