The Challenge

In the beginning of 2012, Sydney-based Madeleine Borrey came to Marketing Angels with the idea for a start up an online business for schools. Madeleine wanted to create a website directory for schools all over Australia to tap into in order to find suppliers for services needed, called Educational Infrastructure Services Australia, or EISAU. These suppliers would be pre-approved by having experience working with schools, which can be difficult to find.

Madeleine wanted to develop her positioning in order to appeal to government and private schools in Australia, and to create a marketing strategy so that the correct steps were in place to ensure EISAU’s launch would be a success.  One of our Sydney Consultants met with Madeleine to discuss these goals and decided that the best way forward would be to hold a Half-Day brand and positioning workshop to bring together Madeleine’s ideas and assemble them into a comprehensive plan.


The Process

After sitting down with Madeleine and understanding her needs, Marketing Angels decided to start by holding a half day workshop.

The following outcomes were achieved:

  • A new positioning statement “Connecting schools and quality providers with ease”
  • Development of the vision and mission of EISAU


To become the website of choice for schools looking for providers of goods and services.


We hold dear the qualities of integrity and adding value to our clients whom we are proud to have on our website. We are committed to furthering their business and promoting them to schools across the country. Our third core value is that of communication. As such we have an unswerving purpose to developing a sense of community amongst users of the EISAU website.

Everything we do at EISAU is inspired by the desire to serve those who use our website. Through our online community of schools and providers we will reduce the time and effort that schools put into procuring goods and services. We are dedicated to schools having access to an efficient and reliable means of searching for the best available providers of goods and services

Complete Marketing Plan to get the business up and running, including a marketing activity schedule.

A website designer to create the website from scratch

Facebook and LinkedIn pages were developed to connect to target market with social media

EISAU LinkedIn

Brand and logo were further developed to reflect new, professional positioning, which was then rolled out onto company collateral, the website and Facebook.

Business Card EISAU

Letterhead EISAU

EISAU then decided to engage Marketing Angels for three months so that they could learn how to implement and manage their own marketing. This option allowed them to get advice and support from Fiona during their first few months, so that they were able to stick to the calendar and effectively manage their marketing activities.

2m x 1m Vinyl Banner EISAU

The Results

As a result of the marketing plan and mentoring by Marketing Angels, EISAU launched their website with their positioning and branding in place, working hard for them from the get go. The website went live in August 2012 and currently has 450 schools signed up as users, with 140 service providers signed up for them to search from. With an average of 1800 hits per month and growing, it’s clear that the website launch and marketing efforts were a success. EISAU also has a growing Facebook page that is currently reaching over 23,300 people a week. This exceptional reach is no doubt assisting in website traffic.

Marketing Angels is extremely pleased in the progress EISAU has made since we started working together!


What the client says

“Fiona is doing a great job. She works hard and has a good understanding of what my business about.

What I appreciate most is that she is proactive… She thinks of things I don’t and often suggests ways she can help, without me asking. Actually I wouldn’t think of the things she offers to do. I am confident that she acts in the best interests of my business. I am delighted with the marketing service and advice she is providing.”

Madeleine Borrey – Founder, EISAU


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