The Challenge

Development Finance Partners (DFP) is a specialist finance broker specifically targeting Property Developers nationally. Established in 2011, the firm is relatively young and starting out had low brand awareness compared to competitors.

DFP were looking to achieve 50% revenue growth on the previous year (13/14).

A brand refresh had been undertaken in 2013 to help them compete with larger more established competitors, however, DFP needed to raise brand awareness overall and position themselves as a credible alternative to bank finance.

DFP were seeking to position themselves as the “experts” in complex finance transactions as it related to Property Development and develop trust given their relatively young brand and sought Marketing Angels expertise in developing and implementing a marketing approach that would achieve their objectives.

The Approach

Marketing Angels developed a full marketing strategy with key tactics, budgets, calendars, measurement and reporting tools that included:

A brand refresh incorporating the tagline “Turning plans into reality”

A content marketing strategy with LinkedIn being the main channel for distribution so as to educate the market about non-bank finance options and use opinion pieces to position DFP as experts in development finance and advisory.

Sponsoring of a number of small events with industry associations specifically the MFAA and Property Council of Australia.


Tactics included:

1. Content Frequency
Marketing Angels implemented weekly social media updates across LinkedIn.

2. Grow Content Quality and Relevance
Marketing Angels created and featured client case studies (including testimonials) to demonstrate how DFP helped their clients “turn plans into reality”. Blog topics were created based on current hot topics in the media and more educational topics specifically around non bank finance options and the pitfalls related to financing development projects.

3. Development of White Papers
DFP created whitepapers, and Marketing Angels syndicated them through dedicated landing pages to help build the DFP database and generate leads and build trust via education.


4. Create a Content Distribution Strategy
Marketing Angels also created a content distribution strategy for DFP to grow in line with the frequency of content generation. Content distribution was focused on targeted LinkedIn advertising and online advertising across targeted web sites.

5. LinkedIn
Marketing Angels created a LinkedIn company page that was used as a key channel for distribution of content. Content distribution was boosted via “sponsored post campaigns” Content was designed to both grow followers and engagement and direct sales. Case Study content proved to lead to direct sales enquiries whilst “opinion pieces” grew followers and engagement.

6. Online Advertising
Marketing Angels researched and recommended advertising in the Property Council of Australia online newsletter and print magazine. Over a 6 months period, an advertising strategy was tested, combining, print ads, online banner ads and sponsored online posts.

The results showed a higher response rate for sponsored posts V’s banner ads. So the subsequent six months campaign included a monthly sponsored post with banner advertising reinforcing the brand.

Following the successful advertising approach with Property Council Australia, advertising also was undertaken in www.theurbandeveloper.com.au. Advertising included a combination of sponsored posts and banner advertising.

Pop-ups installed across the web site to encourage newsletter sign-ups/whitepaper downloads across case studies and blog posts.

Client case studies were used as the basis for sponsored post content with both DFP and the client interviewed about individual project funding scenarios.

Google retargeting was also used to target previous web site visitors, with creative enticing previous visitors to download a DFP whitepaper. Whitepaper downloads were also contacted by a DFP business development manager to offer further assistance, resulting in direct leads.

The Results

Web Traffic
The growth in web traffic overall from April 2014 – April 2015 showed a 57.23% increase (2338 sessions V’s 1487 sessions)
Social is the 3rd largest contributor of traffic (behind Direct and Organic but above paid search) 135% growth (April 2014 – April 2015) – 2.18 pages per session from LinkedIn traffic.

Growth in Engagement
Much higher engagement demonstrated in the increased number of page views across the DFP website. Page views grew to 6052 monthly in April 2015 V’s 3217 for the same period in 2014 (88.13% increase)


Growth in LinkedIn followers from 325 followers at the beginning of May 2014 to 1144 followers in May 2015. The average rate of followers acquired monthly from both organic and paid traffic doubled over the 12 months period.

Posts over the 12 months period generated:
From Paid Traffic – 8,881 clicks to specific posts and 1,118 social actions
From Organic Traffic – 4,981 clicks to specific posts and 536 social actions

DFP have achieved 72% revenue growth from 2013/14 to 2014/2015 financial years.

Content marketing related
Sales growth directly as a result of content marketing is as follows
• LinkedIn leads generated 300% growth in revenue
• Significant sales were also generated from Urban Developer and The Property Council of Australia

What the client says

“The advice and strategy created and implemented by Marketing Angels has been a key driver for our growth and has delivered outcomes above and beyond our expectations. With the world of online marketing constantly changing it’s important that we are supported by a high calibre marketing team who understand the changing environment and can keep pace with that change.

The return on our marketing spend is a direct result of sound strategy, strong creative and content.”

Matthew Royal – Director, Development Finance Partners

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