The Challenge

Founded in 1958, Colormaker Industries is an Australian owned, Sydney-based manufacturer of quality surface coatings. Colormaker manufactures a range of products from house and architectural use, the printing, sign writing and art materials industries, building and trade construction and also produces LUXAPOOL, Australia’s leading brand of coatings for pool and aquatic surfaces.

One of the key marketing challenges for Colormaker was that historically all marketing was done in-house (but with little designated marketing resource) and consequently the business was very ‘reactive’ with marketing – there was little or no strategic plan or targeted marketing activity. With the volumes of their export business set to significantly grow, Colormaker recognised the need for a more structured and professional approach to their marketing.

Another key challenge was to build a strong brand and sub-brand hierarchy in order to better position their numerous products within the various target markets including trade professionals, fine artists and DIY home users.

The Process

Marketing Angels facilitated a workshop for Colormaker in order to help them define and streamline their marketing approach. As well as helping Colormaker to articulate some strong marketing objectives and goals, the workshop process focused on the Colormaker brand, market positioning and brand hierarchy, profiling their target markets and the development of key marketing messages in order to ensure a more highly targeted approach.

It was clear during the workshop that the Colormaker brand did not reflect the company’s growing focus on the development of environmentally friendly products and their commitment to eliminating harmful chemicals from their products, so a decision was made to redefine the brand and a new logo and positioning statement were created as an outcome.

In addition, the workshop process identified a need to streamline their many diverse products into four distinct groups which were then highly targeted towards specific market segments. From there it was a much easier job to define the marketing requirements and budgets for each product set.

Following this initial phase of work, Marketing Angels has worked with Colormaker on a monthly basis as their fully outsourced Marketing department since September of 2008. From project managing the development of their new website to managing the day to day marketing requirements, such as the development, management and implementation of marketing plans, budgets and marketing communications material, Marketing Angels is consistently working to enable the team at Colormaker to be more task oriented and focused on their individual roles as well as allowing the Managing Director and business owner more freedom to work ‘on’ the business rather than ‘in’ the business.

Marketing Angels has also introduced some essential marketing disciplines to the business including the development of a proper marketing budget and the tracking of actual spend to forecast and a product launch plan to ensure tight delivery of any new products to market.

The Result

As a result of the activities run by Marketing Angels, Colormaker now has a strong brand image and clear market positioning which appeals to their target market(s) and has increased awareness throughout the domestic and trade users for their various products/brands.

The new website has received glowing feedback and statistics show an ever increasing number of visitors to the website and online enquiry forms submitted.

Traffic to their retail store has increased due to a local advertising campaign and overall the more planned approach to advertising is allowing better control over the marketing budget and less ad-hoc spending.

Now that the new Colormaker brand is better established, the objectives of the next year will be to ensure a focussed marketing effort to support the company’s recent investment in additional resources. The business has some significant revenue and export growth targets and is also looking to grow their network of distributors.

What the client says

“Marketing Angels has been a breath of fresh air for our business. It’s been fantastic to have someone so experienced, professional and action oriented to delegate to. Outsourcing the marketing function has enabled our business to work smarter, not harder. Other key benefits include;

Money previously spent randomly on ad-hoc Advertising opportunities has been eliminated – we now have a much more targeted approach to our advertising and are more careful about ensuring advertising dollars are strategically spent

Things that used to build up on my desk for weeks or even months, then still go un-actioned due to competing activities are now actually getting done, getting done early and getting done well!”

David Stuart, Managing Director


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