Australian Healthcall Group

Australian Healthcall Group

Australian Healthcall Group (AHG, previously The Healthcall Group) is an established business providing health care, nursing and support services for private clients, nursing homes, hospitals and community agencies.

The business was acquired 8 years ago by the current management who have been particularly successful in building the Community Services side of the business, growing into new regions and building a more profitable and professional company.

Whilst the demand for health care services is growing, the overall market for private nursing services is maturing. AHG has been affected by larger competitors eroding some of their market share.

AHG engaged Marketing Angels to help grow the business and regain their competitive edge.

The business sought to diversify their services beyond their core offerings of community services and workforce solutions into Home Healthcare services for private clients.

AHG undertook a development of a new web site and communications materials to support the growth of their business, but identified the need develop a clear brand strategy, supporting messages for all materials and for staff engagement.


AHG needed to develop and implement a brand strategy, key messages and communications approach that will clearly articulate AHG‘s core promise, service offering and values to their current and prospective customer base and staff.


A key barrier in growing the business further was the ability to attract, engage and motivate quality nursing staff.

Marketing Angels recommended the following approach:

Review and research a broad spectrum of clients and staff

Conduct a Brand and Positioning Workshop to:

  • Review key marketing messages and, brand strategy and positioning to build greater value and meaning into the AHG brand, marketing messages and internal communications
  • Brainstorm some ideas on how to extend the brand essence into tactics


Marketing Angels has proven time and time again, to “delivering marketing that works”. To achieve this, Marketing Angels tailored an approach to address the marketing needs of AHG which involved:

Research – it was critical to use research to help define the core benefits to clients and staff, which can then be built into communications materials to give them more impact. Research is the foundation of any good marketing plan! Effective research could uncover answers to key questions, such as

  • What is AHG‘s point of difference
  • What are the key attributes of AHG as perceived by the market and staff?
  • Who are the perceived competitors?
  • What are the motivators to choose AHG
  • What is their value proposition?

Marketing Angels undertook a very broad research approach that included questionnaires, interviews, analysis and compilation of results, review of competitors and presentation of findings. The result was a very detailed research report, with the results used to build the AHG brand which would attract quality staff and outdo competitors.

Brand Development and Positioning – A brand is so much more than a logo or visual identity. It was important for AHG to establish a brand that matched customer expectation and worked for the business. Marketing Angels facilitated a brand and positioning workshop to clearly define the attributes, benefits and values of AHG.


The team at AHG were committed to making changes to their current situation and marketing approach, and transform from simply a “nursing agency” to an organisation that encompassed so much more- workforce solutions, community services and consultancy.

The old brand simply wasn’t cutting through to reach the people, and the research and insights provided by Marketing Angels laid the foundations and direction AHG needed to move forward.

AHG‘s General Manager Marilyn Wallace said, “As the nature of our business has evolved into Nursing & Support Services with more and more emphasis on Community Support services, ‚we realised the importance of representing this in our new brand.”


“I had heard [Chief Angel] Michelle Gamble speak at an event and was very impressed with her knowledge and professionalism. We were very happy with the work Marketing Angels did with us in revamping the brand. I would recommend Marketing Angels to any business, particularly ones with less staff who need a high level of marketing expertise.”

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“The workshop showed us what was possible, it gave us a clear path and confidence to move forward to a full marketing plan”