Half-day Brand and Marketing workshop

Get your brand and marketing strategies on track with a half-day workshop facilitated by an experienced Marketing Angel.

When you need to:

  • Seek professional marketing help, but don’t have the budget to hire a full time marketing manager
  • Access to a broader and current mix of skills on tap
  • Source an outside ‘sanity check’ on your current self-managed marketing plan
  • Gain extra marketing support for a short-term project, maternity leave, etc.

Brand and Marketing Workshop includes:

  • Your business goals and how marketing needs to support them
  • A clear approach to brand and marketing positioning
  • Define your key marketing messages
  • Define your ideal target markets and map the journey back to your business
  • Review your website performance and role including search engine activities
  • Review your online activity including social media integration
  • Define appropriate marketing tactics
  • Recommend your marketing budget
  • How to track and measure your marketing

Package suggestion

  • Half-day brainstorming session with a Marketing Angel  focusing on your business goals (e.g. building awareness and attracting more clients, refreshing your brand and market positioning, launching new products and services) outcomes are recorded as an action plan

$1,800 ex GST

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“Marketing Angels have turned our grab-bag of inconsistent letterheads and reports into a finely-honed, professional package. Thanks again.”