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It’s no secret: if you want your business to be found online you need to adopt an SEO and or an SEM strategy.  Google and other search engines prioritise businesses that work hard to provide a good customer experience – if someone searches for a particular product or service, Google will make sure that the websites that are served up provide clear and accurate information to meet the needs of those searching.

When you need to:

  • Drive sales and increase leads and enquiries
  • Build your brand awareness across your target markets
  • Promote your products and services
  • Target new markets online

SEO and SEM Includes:

  • Full audit of existing website including search terms, links, quality of website etc.
  • Keyword recommendations, ongoing website optimising, adding relevant content to the website, competitor analysis, reporting and management and ongoing advice and recommendations.
  • Recommended budget to achieve best results

Packages suggestions

  • Please contact us and we’ll be happy to provide a tailored quote to suit your needs
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“Working with Katrina from Marketing Angels has had a dramatic impact on the direction of our Centre. In a short space of time we have observed significant and massive improvements in not only our understanding of marketing but in our overall marketing strategy.

Katrina understood the needs of our Centre and her suggestions completely fitted with our identity and our values. Katrina has worked incredibly hard for us and has not let our overall goals slip from view even for a second. I am continually impressed by Katrina‘s skill and expertise. Katrina has done an incredible job of the development of our promotional materials and has done so under difficult circumstances. The research allowed us a better understanding of why our Centre is valued.

I liked being able to use the interviews, direct quotes, in the text for promotional materials. Understanding the perceptions of all of our stakeholders was also extremely useful. Katrina was very persistent in the face of obstacles thrown in her direction by the university bureaucracy. Her determination and perseverance was unmatched!

I would highly recommend Katrina and Marketing Angels. She is extremely professional and personable. She is very flexible and has always been available to us. She made us feel as though we were very important clients. Her communication skills are exceptional and she is extremely attentive. She managed to understand and capture the heart of what we do in our Centre and then translate this into our strategy.”