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Credibility, trust and ability ‘to do the job’ are important factors when choosing a supplier, therefore clients need to create content that educates, builds awareness and trust and positions them as thought leaders and experts in their field.  This in turn will generate leads and attract clients.  The majority of people online say they would rather learn about a company through their content instead of an advertisement, another score for the importance of filling your site with well-written content.

When you need to:

  • Raise your credibility and positioning in the market
  • Create unique selling propositiions and differentiate from competitors
  • Give back to your loyal clients by providing helpful information
  • Bring your business culture and values to life
  • Become a trusted source of information and a respected authority within your industry

Content and Copywriting includes:

  • Research and fact finding around relevant hot topics in your industry
  • Adapted to multiple channels such as Blogs, Case Studies, Social Media, White Papers
  • Written content that truly reflects the brand culture and DNA
  • Content that is favourably viewed by Google and other search engines

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REVIEWS FROM OUR Content creation & copywriting CLIENTS

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“We just needed copy that would get the job done. They knew how to get the target market to take action and that’s all we asked for”

William Dangar
Owner and Creative Director, Robert Plumb

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“Marketing Angels helped us look at how we manage our sales with a fresh approach. They created some great tactics that we can use well into the future”

William Dangar
Owner and Creative Director, Robert Plumb

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“We are really happy with the copywriting that Marketing Angels provided. They know how to get the message across and how to drive calls to action”

Debbie Pham
Co-Founder, Kids Korner

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“Thanks so much Alan for your Skype session with me and Luke yesterday. We were both very impressed with the detailed information and advice you and Michelle gave us in your presentation. Along with the workshop hours I spent with you both in your office, we definitely believe we received great value for money. As I mentioned during our talk yesterday, when my daughter Beth returns from her holiday in a couple of weeks I will fill her in on our discussion, and encourage her to contact Michelle about consulting with her regarding how to best utilize social media in our marketing.

Thanks again. I’m sure we’ll be talking again in the near future.”