The 5 Major Digital Marketing Trends for 2022


POSTED ON 15th November 2021

What’s next for digital marketing in 2022? Marketing experts agree it’s going to be primarily AI-based. 

As the digital marketing landscape changes every year, so should our marketing strategies and tactics. To help you make better decisions, we will discuss the 5 major digital marketing trends you may want to consider to stay relevant in your target market and maintain your competitive edge amongst your competitors. 

Here are the digital marketing tools and tactics worth exploring next year:

1. Artificial Intelligence (AI) will lead the way. The technology has been around for quite some time. But more than ever, AI will become a great marketing tool for businesses in predicting customer behaviour. AI has come a long way. It’s no longer just a tool to automate basic tasks like reporting on website traffic anymore. AI is now being used to: 

  • Recommend keywords to optimise a company’s search ranking
  • Predict what customers will likely purchase in the future based on their past purchases and browsing history
  • Forecast the likelihood of a lead or customer taking the same actions as others who have behaved in a similar way
  • Do dynamic pricing to help a business uplevel offers by using an algorithm to tell them which price level might lead to conversion at a higher price point

With AI, there are so many opportunities and it is now available to everyone. In 2022, it is essential to look into ways to use AI to grow your business, especially in optimising your SEO and other digital marketing strategies to improve your search ranking.

2. Chatbots and virtual assistants will become the norm. Fueled by millennial consumers, this other AI-powered technology is expected to grow in use as the market value of voice-based shopping will reach 40 billion USD by 2022, and consumer spending via voice assistants is also projected to reach 18%. Many businesses have started using chatbots to help automate customer service needs for better efficiency when handling customers’ inquiries in various online platforms. Expect more brands and businesses to use chatbots due to the online shopping boom.

They are handy as they can provide quick answers to customers’ common questions, freeing up time for your staff. In addition, chatbots can provide 24/7 support, be programmed to speak different languages, give insights into customer behaviour, and so much more.

Next year, businesses need to integrate chatbots into their digital marketing strategy to provide customers with a personalised and enjoyable experience. 

3. Mobile-First marketing will be a priority. You don’t want to miss the ever growing number of consumers on their mobile devices more than their desktops. People now spend more time online consuming content, researching products and services, shopping, and participating in conversations. As a result, businesses need to create mobile-friendly content that will rank higher in search engines. A new study revealed that 1 in 3 consumers would choose their second-choice brand over their first because it shows up on the search page. So, in 2022, it would make sense to invest in a responsive design for your website or app that will allow customers with any device type to access the content you offer quickly.

4.Multichannel marketing will be everyone’s game plan. Remember that each customer is unique. One channel or medium will no longer be enough to cast a broader net in trying to reach your target market. Experts agree when it comes to connecting with your target market in the future, multichannel marketing is essential as one-size-fits-all marketing is ineffective.

Multichannel marketing refers to targeting customers through multiple marketing mediums and sharing relevant messages with them. This type of marketing enhances the customer experience by combining digital and physical methods to create personalised messages whilst maintaining one brand voice. There are many channels you can use for your brand. For example, you can do e-newsletter, direct mail, text or SMS, social media, personalised landing pages, websites, catalogues, blog posts, webinars, Tiktok, and more. Choose wisely which channels you can use in 2022 to create a solid customer base. 

5. Marketing Automation will be a good investment. When you are already using multi channels to reach your desired market, your next step should be investing in platforms and technologies that can help manage repetitive tasks in real time. Marketing automation can also help identify potential customers by automating nurturing those leads to sales-readiness. This way, you can focus on higher-level and strategic tasks. Some tasks that can be automated are researching and compiling data, managing social media posts by scheduling them in advance, sending cart abandonment emails, scheduling recurring webinars, and so on.

If you’re looking to implement one or all of the digital marketing trends we discussed, we recommend that you have an integrated digital marketing plan in place. That way, you can reap the rewards of the latest digital marketing trends across your customers’ lifecycle. 

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