3 Clever ways to integrate email marketing with social media


POSTED ON 5th November 2015

Where do email subscribers fall on your list of priorities? If it’s high on your list, then you’re in luck because we’re sharing some tips we discovered online that will help you grow your email list using simple social media tweaks.

Whether you are building your list from scratch or growing an already massive list, there’s still room for you to use these social media tools:

  • Facebook’s call to action (CTA) button

I bet you haven’t noticed this Facebook functionality yet. Since December last year, Facebook has added more choices for call to action (CTA) buttons in your cover photo apart from default “Like”, “Message” and “Follow” and “Contact Us” buttons. There are now 9 CTAs available for a business page that can take your fans and visitors to your website or app.   

Call to Action - Facebook

Use the Sign up button to invite fans and visitors to sign up for email or eNewsletter updates.

Once you’ve created a call-to-action button, there are two ways you can track the number of people who have clicked on the button. The first is by hovering over the Create Call to Action and then View Insights to see how many clicks the button has received in the past 7 days. Another way is to go to This Week found at the right side of your Page.

MA create call to action

  •  Twitter’s Lead Generation Card

Within Twitter Ads is a cool feature called “lead generation cards” or Twitter cards. These cards can be used to promote your content including your new website page, new product, and of course, your newsletter. They’re also a great tool to gather information on customers.

All you need to do is create compelling copy and include a rich media photo, video, or any media experience to encourage more email newsletter signups. Be as creative, convincing and intriguing as possible, so the person you’re sending it to will have no second thoughts in giving away their email address.

Currently, there are four card types you can choose from, namely the summary card (which includes the product card), the summary card with large image (including the photo card and gallery card), the App Card, and the Player Card.

Here’s a sample from Mailchimp which recently posted a call for email sign ups for their holiday marketing tips:

Mailchimp - Twitter holiday post

  • Instagram photos and videos

Make your next Instagram post count! Every now and then, create an email marketing campaign to help grow your email list. You can do one or all of these tactics:

a. Offer a special item for every visitor who signs up for a newsletter. Post a photo of the item with an invitation to sign up to get emails from you.

b. Create a video explaining the benefits of signing up to your email list. This can be a little challenging to make, but the rewards will be worth it. This is also your chance to demonstrate to your prospects that you put extra effort into everything that you are doing.

c. Post a picture or video that describes your exclusive email content.

You’ve got two options when link posting on Instagram: You can either copy and paste your link onto your actual photo, or include it in your bio like in the samples below.

Business Chicks uses the link to their ticket page for all their promosInstagram - link posting businesschicks

Smartcompany changes the link shared in their bio depending on their featured photo/story of the dayInstagram - link posting smart company

By combining the power of email marketing with the immense reach of social media, you are boosting your chance to grow a massive email list. Something you may achieve if you only really on traditional email marketing channels.

Start including your email sign up links within your social media channels today!

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