Market research: the options


POSTED ON 22nd October 2015

At Marketing Angels our approach to conducting market research can include in-depth interviews with your current, past or potential clients. We develop questionnaires and conduct interviews that ask relevant questions to shape the future direction of your brand.  Post interviews, your Marketing Angel will compile and analyse the results and present you with the outcomes and recommendations.

Our highly experienced Angels understand the requirements involved in conducting a successful research project, they have the knowledge to ask the right questions and assess the results accurately. Our research projects involve communicating effectively to ensure that the questions asked guide the respondents to provide honest opinions that inform our clients on how to shape their marketing and branding strategy.

Marketing Angels are skilled in both quantitative (usually an online survey to many respondents) and qualitative research (a questionnaire that’s delivered either by phone or face face-to to-face to a select group of 20-30 respondents).

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“Fiona is doing a great job. She works hard and has a good understanding of what my business about.

What I appreciate most is that she is proactive… She thinks of things I don’t and often suggests ways she can help, without me asking. Actually I wouldn’t think of the things she offers to do. I am confident that she acts in the best interests of my business. I am delighted with the marketing service and advice she is providing.”