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POSTED ON 22nd October 2015

After the marketing strategy is agreed the question is, who is going to manage and implement it? Marketing Angels are more than capable of implementing the marketing strategy, from campaign development through to managing all creative outputs.  We give clients the freedom to focus on running their business whilst having confidence that the marketing is being managed by a highly skilled marketing professional.

Marketing Angels find that the majority of our clients prefer to outsource the implementation and management of the marketing strategy to our experienced Angels.  Having had exposure to a clients business and understanding their business goals, our Angels are well equipped to roll up the sleeves and act as our clients Marketing Manager for as long as required.  For this reason we have developed a range of packages that offer cost benefits and our commitment in making sure that the strategy is implemented efficiently and effectively and that clients get the best return for their investment.

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“Fiona is doing a great job. She works hard and has a good understanding of what my business about.

What I appreciate most is that she is proactive… She thinks of things I don’t and often suggests ways she can help, without me asking. Actually I wouldn’t think of the things she offers to do. I am confident that she acts in the best interests of my business. I am delighted with the marketing service and advice she is providing.”