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POSTED ON 16th February 2015

To start a business, you need a solid business plan. To then grow your business, you need an equally solid marketing strategy. Without the latter, even if you have the best products or services in your industry, potential customers will not know about you. This makes marketing a very critical business activity that is best left to the experts.

Unfortunately for growing  businesses, attracting and hiring the top talent pool to do their marketing is not only expensive and time-consuming, it’s hard  to do given the bigger opportunities offered to talented marketers by larger companies. So what do you do when you can’t afford to have an in-house team of marketing experts? Try outsourced marketing.

Here are the reasons why outsourced marketing is fast becoming a popular choice for SMEs:

1. You’ll save time. Hiring takes time. Learning the intricacies of marketing yourself takes time. And, time is precious. Your business will benefit more if you focus on developing your brand and perfecting your product/service rather than doing everything. A good outsourced marketing manager, will bring a wealth of experience, meaning they can execute projects quicker and more expertly than trying to do it yourself.

2. You can reduce your operational costs and improve the quality of the output. If you choose the right  outsourced marketing agency, you’ll get an entire team of experienced experts for the cost of one full-time junior marketing executive. Therefore, it effectively cuts overhead costs and the costs of recruiting, training, and having a full-time staff. You can also scale your costs up or down effectively depending on your own business cycles.

3. You’ll get  access to the latest tools and metrics. With the right marketing partner, you will get access to all of your data and learnings, along with key insights and recommendations so you can track your progress,  get value out of your spending and optimise your campaigns for maximum return on investment.  An experienced outsourced marketing manager will be able to pull together all of your data, present it in a way that’s easy to understand and then make and implement recommendations. 

4. It lends you the expertise that big companies previously enjoyed. Outsourced marketing levels the playing field for all businesses. Now any business can afford the expertise of qualified and experienced marketers who are more familiar with your target market and more knowledgeable with the many marketing channels and opportunities available.

5. A Small budget doesn’t have to be a problem. Outsourcing is not just for companies with big budgets. A business with a limited budget can make every dollar count by investing only in tactics that have the potential to deliver quick results for the business. You can also implement seasonal marketing activities like running an event or organising a community activity without having to hire a whole team or disrupting your business operations. You can use as much or as little outsourcing as you need from month to month.

If you are not ready to put your entire marketing in the hands of outside experts, try outsourcing some marketing areas or functions where you obviously have no expertise or those which are non-essential or labor-intensive such as:

  • Marketing research – valuable insights about your products, your target market and your customers
  • Content creation – blogs, visuals, or videos
  • Lead generation – verifying contact information, qualifying leads
  • PPC Campaigns – Adwords, social media campaigns
  • SEO -search engine ranking
  • Social Media and PR – social media account maintenance, e-newsletter campaigns, events/fundraisers
  • Web and mobile optimisation – web maintenance, e-commerce facility, develop mobile application(s)

Whatever route you choose, make sure outsourcing your marketing is the right decision for you. If you have questions about outsourced marketing, feel free to contact us.


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