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A social media presence is now expected from most businesses.  Customers like to see what makes a business tick, what do they care about and who are the people behind the brand. From a creative point of view, your social media should be an accurate reflection of your brand, high quality graphics and images are required to uphold your brand image. Creating social media campaigns are also a cost effective and highly targeted way to reach potential customers.

When you need to:

  • Bring your business culture and values to life
  • Provide interesting and helpful information to engage your social community
  • Promote your products and services
  • Become a trusted source of information and a respected authority within your industry

 Social Media Campaigns include:

  • Creative design for social media home pages – such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram
  • Creative design for social media advertising and sponsored posts
  • Management of social media campaigns such as budgets, bids, identifying and selecting target audiences, report and measurement on activities
  • Integrating campaigns across other channels such as driving to website or specific landing pages

Packages suggestions

  • Please contact us and we’ll be happy to provide a tailored quote to suit your needs
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“Online/Social Media Advertising really helped to launch PHO24, and it’s measurable so we could see our return on investment.”

Craig Birchall
Director, PHO 24

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“We were delighted with the results that Marketing Angels achieved for our grand open day. In a short timeframe they came up with a Facebook campaign that was quick to implement, easy to measure and effective

Craig Birchall
Director, PHO24

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“In the final days of our first Marketing Angels Facebook campaign, we clocked up over 1600 visits per day to our website. We’re delighted!”

Craig Birchall
Director, PHO24

Social Media Campaigns Results


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“We’ve had some great enquiries from potential Franchisees and customers, with our Cranbrook centre going from 50% to 100% occupancy. Marketing Angels made sure to monitor the dollar spend and constantly measured return.”