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We can show you the secrets of good branding, and how strategic choices around your name, your logo, and the look of all your material can boost your business’s success big time.

When you need:

  • New branding for a new business venture
  • A refresh of an existing brand
  • A new sub-brand for a special product or service

We offer:

  • Brand strategies: the best ways to differentiate yourself from your competitors and connect with your target audience
  • Naming strategies
  • Logo design
  • Brand toolkits: colour palettes, typefaces, imagery styles
  • Style guides
  • The most urgent and valuable real-world applications: Facebook and LinkedIn graphics, business cards, website reskins

Package suggestion

  • Please contact us and we’ll be happy to provide a tailored quote to suit your needs
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“Fiona is doing a great job. She works hard and has a good understanding of what my business about.

What I appreciate most is that she is proactive… She thinks of things I don’t and often suggests ways she can help, without me asking. Actually I wouldn’t think of the things she offers to do. I am confident that she acts in the best interests of my business. I am delighted with the marketing service and advice she is providing.”

Madeleine Borrey
Founder, EISAU

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“We love our new branding. It’s colourful, vibrant and best of all it shows off our values, education, nutrition and fun. Great job”

Debbie Pham
Co-Founder, Kids Korner

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“Marketing Angels handed us a refreshed brand that allowed us to influence a whole new market segment, and also helped galvanise our people with a new vision of the kind of company we can be. Impressive”

Matthew Royal
Co-Founder, DFP

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Who said this?

“With the help of Marketing Angels, they were able to successfully implement initial marketing materials, tactics and launch the brand while delivering to the brief.

As a start up it was very important to make the most of the resources we had. The Marketing Angels team were able to use smart cost effective tactics and with a successful launch, we were able to quickly build on that initial success.

We really enjoyed working with Marketing Angels. The team took time to understand our product and the market and delivered fantastic results. We would recommend them as outsourced marketers to any businesses who need to enhance their marketing.”