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Since 2001 we’ve helped hundreds of small- to medium-sized businesses become smarter marketers. Our award winning agency prides itself on having a team of highly experienced and professional marketing consultants. All of our Marketing Angels are highly skilled, come from a wide range of industries and thrive on helping clients realise their business goals.

We are fortunate to work with a diverse range of businesses of various sizes and across many industries, including Finance, IT, Retail, Travel, Manufacturing, Aged Care, Franchise, Corporate, Not for Profit and Government. Our Angels are equipped to quickly identify the most effective marketing solutions for your business. We create marketing strategies that are cost effective, fit within our clients’ budgets and get results fast.

Our approach is transparent, accountable and flexible. If you’re a small- to-medium business, we get you. We understand the importance of building your brand and getting results. Our clients understand the benefits of working with Marketing Angels: having direct access to a highly skilled and professional marketer who can help develop and implement a consistent focused long term marketing approach with the goal of helping your business grow.

Hiring a full time experienced marketing resource can be expensive and time consuming. It can take months to train a marketing employee to the level required to generate the results that meet the business goals. Marketing Angels will get up to speed after conducting a half-day brand and marketing workshop. The results of the workshop will allow us to create a strategic roadmap of where your outsourced marketing needs to be to achieve your business goals.

Marketing Angels is proud to deliver cost effective senior marketing expertise to businesses across Australia. We have consultants in Sydney, Brisbane, and Perth and are a marketing agency that is able to offer both  senior marketing consultants – for advice on projects and strategies – through to full service outsourced marketing management packages that can operate in place of a full time in house marketing team.

Marketing Angels are a multi award winner and professional member of the Australian Marketing Institute.

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“Working with Katrina from Marketing Angels has had a dramatic impact on the direction of our Centre. In a short space of time we have observed significant and massive improvements in not only our understanding of marketing but in our overall marketing strategy.

Katrina understood the needs of our Centre and her suggestions completely fitted with our identity and our values. Katrina has worked incredibly hard for us and has not let our overall goals slip from view even for a second. I am continually impressed by Katrina‘s skill and expertise. Katrina has done an incredible job of the development of our promotional materials and has done so under difficult circumstances. The research allowed us a better understanding of why our Centre is valued.

I liked being able to use the interviews, direct quotes, in the text for promotional materials. Understanding the perceptions of all of our stakeholders was also extremely useful. Katrina was very persistent in the face of obstacles thrown in her direction by the university bureaucracy. Her determination and perseverance was unmatched!

I would highly recommend Katrina and Marketing Angels. She is extremely professional and personable. She is very flexible and has always been available to us. She made us feel as though we were very important clients. Her communication skills are exceptional and she is extremely attentive. She managed to understand and capture the heart of what we do in our Centre and then translate this into our strategy.”